July 8

What’s Making You Feel Separate from Others?

A very common experience that all people have from time to time is that of being separated somehow from the people around you. There are so many reasons this can happen, as we will see below, but firstly the important thing to remember is that you are always going to be able to do something about it, if you want to – and you will almost certainly want to. No matter how bad it gets and how you feel you should always be able to do away with that feeling of separation. Let’s take a look at how that might be the case, and what the major causes are likely to be.

Lack Of Close Relationships

From time to time, there may be times in life when you find you don’t really have anyone around you. That can be a result of some life decisions of yours or those of other people. It might be something as simple as a geographical divide. Or it could just be that it’s 2020, and everyone is in lockdown. Whatever the reason, having a lack of close relationships is certainly going to make anyone feel alienated, and it is something that you should try to fix as soon as possible. Having people around you, even only virtually or on the phone, can make all the difference in the world, so try your hardest to reach out to someone today if you are feeling this lack severely.

Poor Eyesight Or Hearing

Anyone who has ever had trouble with their eyesight or their hearing will know that it can dramatically affect how you feel about yourself. In particular, it often changes the way that you view your own social self, and it can really make a lot of things very difficult indeed. If you are in need of some help in this way, you should make sure you get it as soon as possible. That might mean that you finally need to go and get your hearing checked and get wireless hearing aids. Or it could mean taking a visit to the optometrist to see if there truly is something wrong with your vision. In either case, at least it is a temporary problem with a real, empirical solution. Hopefully you won’t feel quite so lonesome for too much longer.

Negative Self-Talk Or Self-Image

Then there is the kind of alienation that you get from simply having a negative view of yourself. The trouble with this is that it might have developed early on in childhood, to the point where you don’t really notice you are doing it. But once you start to suspect that you might not have the healthiest view of yourself, you can start to identify that self-talk more and more, and over time you can replace it with something healthier and more positive. This should then help you to feel more confident in groups, and to feel as though you are genuinely a real part of a group too, and that is all any of us needs.

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