July 8

Taking Back Control of Your Life After a Period of Low Impulse Control

Giving into temptation may be able to fill you with joy, but this joy may last nothing more than a few seconds before the pain and guilt begin to creep in. Attempting to partake in the excessive consumption of junk food, drugs or alcohol can have a drastic impact on both your physical and mental health, especially when the mistakes are repeated over and over again, so it’s vital that you can take back control and break free from these bad habits as soon as possible. Fighting against a serious case of low impulse control can make your struggle more difficult, but the end result of total freedom from dependency will change your life forever. So, if you would like to find out more, simply read on.

Eating a Healthy Diet

Fueling yourself using nothing but over processed junk food is one of the worst decisions that you can make for your mental and physical health, as these foods are packed full with harmful artificial ingredients that can negatively impact upon your well-being in many different ways. Though it can seem very tricky to avoid such junk as fast food outlets seem to occupy every street corner, you must make an effort to say no to high fat, high sugar and high salt foods for the sake of your future. Reading up on the side effects of such an unhealthy diet may be enough to encourage you to snap out of your destructive cycle, as you can expect to experience weight gain, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even blindness as a result.

Making the decision to convert to a balanced wholefoods diet is the best choice, as you can base each of your meals around healthy, nutritionally rich food sources like complex carbohydrates that can keep you fuller for longer without sending your blood sugar into meltdown. Swap your usual snacks for healthier alternatives, such as changing ice cream for sorbet, or eating nuts and seeds instead of chips or crackers. Making sure that you do not have unhealthy food easily accessible in your kitchen cupboards can help to cut out a large portion of temptation, so keep your home stocked with nutritious snacks and meals that you enjoy eating.

Going Sober 

Falling victim to something terribly difficult such as alcoholism or drug dependence can have a drastic effect on your overall well-being, as both your mental and physical health will be affected by such a troublesome occurrence. Substance abuse can encourage many in uncomfortable systems, from increased susceptibility to severe mental health conditions all the way to liver and kidney failure, so you must make a change sooner rather than later if you wish to get back to your old self. Approaching a support network is a brilliant helping hand that many addicts benefit from, as having a team of professional, experienced people around you can make the process run so much more smoothly compared with attempting to struggle through your issues all alone by yourself.

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