July 8

Retraining Who You Are: Overcoming Limiting Self-Belief

Everybody is struggling under the weight of the world. The one thing that stands between us and being able to live the life that we want is ourselves. And this means that there will be times when we have to learn how to manage stress or create coping methods. But they are nothing if we do not believe in ourselves. If we have a low opinion or limiting self-belief in ourselves, it can damage ourselves irretrievably. But learning to overcome our limiting self-belief can be achieved through a handful of methods.

Mind Over Matter

The power of the mind cannot be underestimated. There is a wide variety of resources out there that shows you what positive thinking can do to change your life. But when we feel we’ve already dug ourselves into a hole and it is pointless trying to change, we’ve got to learn to retrain our brain. Turning those thought patterns around can be hard, but there are a wide variety of resources to nudge us in the right direction. Those people that feel that talking themselves up in a mirror just feels wrong, there are a wide variety of hypnosis downloads that you can play when you go to sleep that can subtly help you to alter your thoughts through your subconscious. It is all about mind over matter, but when we believe we can’t achieve anything, we’ve got to figure out how to trick our brain into believing it can be done.

Watch for the Signs of Limiting Self-Belief

If we catch ourselves in the act, it’s easier to stop ourselves rather than going through with that negative thought or statement. But in order to recognize this, we have to know what the types of limiting self-beliefs are. Sometimes it can be a case that we don’t know that we are verbally abusing ourselves. After all, it is such a well-worn habit that it becomes a part of who we are. So in order to break the cycle, we have to be aware of the signs. When we find ourselves thinking that we can’t do something, rather than trying to turn the tide, it’s better to stop ourselves in our tracks. This is the first step in changing yourself for the better.

Undergo a Simple Practice Every Day to Consolidate What You’ve Learned About Yourself

Slow and steady wins the race. When we’re trying to overcome something that is sewn into the fabric of who we are, we’ve got to take stock and learn how far we’ve come. And doing a simple practice every day, whether it’s practicing gratitude or making a note of 3 things you’ve learned today, the simple task becomes a way to reaffirm that you are changing for the better. When we make a step in an unknown direction, we don’t know if we are doing the right thing because it feels different. By learning to better yourself, you are heading in the right direction. And it doesn’t feel like it sometimes, but this is where taking stock every single day, by doing something to drill those thoughts back into your mind, will prepare you for the next stage of your journey.

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