July 20

Nearly Half of Couples Stay Together Because of Their Kids

New data presented in the following infographic suggests that nearly half of all couples stay together because of their kids. That means that there are a lot of unhappy relationships out there which appear to be going well on the surface, but that are actually not working out deep down in practice. 

Couples, in general, try extremely hard to make their relationships work. According to statistics presented below, more than three quarters say that they try to work on their marital problems before a divorce. On average, they try to correct problems for around 18 months before accepting that they can’t.

But the biggest driver keeping many unhappy couples together is their children. A lot of parents choose to break up once their kids leave home or go to university. This way, they can keep their family life normal for their children while they are at home and then deal with their divorce more easily later on, once they leave.

In general, a large proportion of people believe that their marriages are going to last forever. That’s why they work so hard at them. But eventually, they find that they cannot reconcile their differences, and they become unhappy. 

There are many reasons why people get divorced. Top causes include things like being unhappy or falling out of love. Other factors, like money problems and abuse are surprisingly low down the list of reasons. 

If you would like to learn more about why marriages break down, please read the data in the following infographic. 

By Spodek Law Group Los Angeles

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