July 8

How You Can Keep Your Brain Healthy (and Avoid a Crisis)

Keeping your brain healthy is a top health priority. That’s because it generates all of your life experiences. Without it, you can’t enjoy the world or be a productive part of it.

Unfortunately, brain health can decline. As people get older, the connections between neurons can become clogged with plaques. And that can lead to all sorts of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s. There’s even a link between brain health and hearing loss.

Brains can also become unhealthy in other ways – specifically mental health. Over long periods, depression and anxiety may damage the brain, again leading to adverse health outcomes.

What can you do to keep your brain healthy? Here are some ideas.

Get Enough Sleep

The first step is to get enough sleep. Regularly sleep is medicine to the brain and allows it to switch off naturally, preparing you for the next day.

However, getting all the sleep you need can be a challenge in the modern world. There are so many distractions and triggers that drifting off into a peaceful sleep is always difficult.

There are a couple of things you can try in this regard. First, you might want to begin experimenting with yoga before bed. Having a nighttime routine can completely change how your body’s chemistry works, priming you for rest.

You can also try going to bed at fixed times, including at the weekend. This way, you prepare your body for sleep and waking up at specific hours of the day.

Eat A Mediterranean Diet

Eating a Mediterranean diet may be one of the most powerful ways to preserve brain health. That’s because the diet is rich in legumes, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Many people wrongly believe that the Mediterrean diet is high in olive oil. Olive oil was only a small part of it a century ago. It is only recently that it has become more popular.

When eating a Mediterranean diet, be sure to get plenty of herbs, berries and seeds. These goods are particularly good at keeping you healthy. Plus, they lower inflammation of the brain, reducing your likelihood of anxiety and depression.

Making Socializing a Priority

You’ll also want to make socializing with other people a priority. That’s because talking and being around other people forces you to use your brain creatively and in new ways.

Spending time with others is a kind of exercise or mental training. So when you entertain or go to a party, it’s like hitting the gym for your brain.

Exercise More

If there’s one thing that you can do to keep your brain healthy, it’s to exercise more. Even small amounts can make a tremendous difference in your brain health.

Please note that exercise doesn’t necessarily mean something that you force yourself to do because you have to do it. It can be any kind of movement, whether you give it a label or not.

If possible, try to include physical movement into your daily routine. So, for instance, if you commute to work, walk or ride a bicycle instead.

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