July 8

How to Thrive After a Traumatic Event

If you have suffered from some kind of traumatic event, this can have a significant effect on your life from that moment on. Developing mental health conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression is not unheard of, and if there were physical injuries involved, then they can take a long time to heal.

For some, being involved in something that causes this kind of trauma means they put their life on hold either because they have to or because they feel it’s the only thing they can do. Yet it is possible to not only live but thrive after a traumatic event, and even if it takes time, it is worth knowing that this is a possibility. Here are some ways it can be done.

Find Out Who You Are

After going through something that changes your life because it was so traumatic, you will be feeling lost and alone, even when you have people around you who can help you including friends, family, and even injury lawyers devoted to your case. This won’t be a pleasant experience and can lead to negative thoughts and feelings of hopelessness.

Yet it is during this time that you can put some work into finding out who you are. You might think you already know, but having to take time away from the usual routine of life to heal, either mentally or physically, means you have the time and opportunity to work out just where you were going and whether or not you are happy to keep heading there. This could be the ideal time to change course in your life and do something that will genuinely make you happy. You can only do this when you know exactly who you are, and not many people get the chance to understand this.

You’ve Seen The Worst

Something else that can help you thrive after trauma is knowing that you’ve seen the worst and that nothing that happens from now on will ever be as bad. This sounds like both a blessing and a curse, but there are many major positives to this that outweigh the negatives.

One of these positive points is that you will be much more confident in moving forward. Knowing you’ve been through the worst and knowing that nothing could ever match up to it, means that no matter what you do, you’ll always come out a winner. This will boost your self-confidence and lead you to future success. Things that would have seemed terrible in the past, such as being rejected, failing, or making the wrong choice will seem much less of an issue after going through a trauma.

Help Others 

After a traumatic event in your life, you can make a difference helping others. Make your life mean something, no matter what has happened in the past, and you will undoubtedly thrive. You might choose to become a counselor or therapist, or even a volunteer assisting those who have been through similar traumas to yours, for example.

Having been through it before, you can show them that it’s possible to turn your life around and make something of yourself no matter what hardships you had in the past.

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