August 16

How to Holistically Approach Self-Care Now

Self-care is something that should be familiar to all of us. Whether we realize it or not, we make decisions every day that help us improve or maintain our wellbeing. Self-care is- as the name suggests- a set of behaviors or practices that work towards keeping yourself healthy mentally and physically. 

When we dedicate that time and energy towards helping our inner worlds flourish, we get a step closer to becoming the best version of ourselves. But it can be hard to know where to start, and even harder to find the time. As with most things, finding your perfect self-care process is something that’s deeply individual to us all, so it’s paramount that you listen to your body in order to find solutions that work best for you. 

However, broadly speaking, there are a few categories that self-care can fall into- and each is just as important as the other. Not only that, but when you act in the benefit of one, the other will also reap the rewards. This is why holistic self-care is important- by treating your body and mind as a single entity, you’ll equip yourself with the skills needed to adequately let yourself grow into the person you’ve always been capable of achieving.

Physical health

Our bodies are the most important things we own, so we need to take good care of them. Make sure you regularly check in with a medical professional and center for contemporary dentistry to ensure that everything is in good working condition.

Additionally, building healthy habits can go a long way in keeping your body in the best possible state and even improving your lifespan. Try to stick to a healthy, balanced diet, and consider giving a new sport or exercise a try. Not only will this leave you feeling great physically, but mentally too.

The way we treat our bodies has a direct consequence on the way we feel mentally and emotionally. It can be tricky to get started, but once habits are formed they’re even more difficult to break.

Mental health

Just like physical health, everyone’s got mental health. This mental health can become better or worse based on a number of factors which can be treated.

If you find that stress is a constant force negatively affecting you in your life, it might be worth taking up meditation as a regular part of your routine. Whether guided or unguided, the simple task of centering yourself can help reset your harmful cycles of negative thinking. 

Additionally, it could be worth reaching out to a therapist if you find that you’ve got recurring issues with your mental wellbeing. You do not need to have a mental illness to seek professional psychological help- it is something we can all benefit from. While the process can seem scary, there is no reason to view it as such. It’s now easier than ever to reach out and be paired with a therapist- sometimes even from the comfort of your own home. 

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